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The 'Origin' Truth- Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Its safe to say that companies always have to revisit the drawing board and devise strategies to reinvent or develop new products in an effort to ignite the craze and boost sales. One such strategy in the hair industry is creating the facade that the extensions are originated from different ethnic groups. While, some dealers have truly invested in authentic hairs from #India, which is the ideal place to source real human extensions or donors from various regions. Companies that label their products such as Mink Brazilian Hair are just using a marketing ploy to mark their prices higher because it is known that people will pay more just to be considered exclusive. Most companies assign different prices according to the origin of the hair for example Malaysian might be more expensive than Brazilian. Now, If you google the word 'Mink' you will see a furry animal, the term Mink is popularly associated with gorgeous coats or lashes because they can be constructed using real mink fur. However, associating the word mink with hair extensions is just a strategy to market the hair to an audience that wishes to be unique because Mink products are deemed luxurious and indeed expensive but it does not mean that actual Mink was involved in the creation of the extensions. I was watching a you tube video that made mention of the Mink Hair craze used to fool consumers that are interested in buying 'different' and then I was even more compelled to address the topic when I went on Instagram and saw this post.

Now despite the typo lol, placing the word Mink is just a tactic to lure consumers to believe that investing in this "hair plug" will put you in the lead by offering your customers something different when really you're not, it just sounds appealing because of the overall perspective of mink!

Hair Extensions are undeniably crafted with various textures. However the difference among the textures is minimal, the #Brazilian is categorized as course and thick, #Malaysian is known to be soft and smooth and #Peruvian is extremely silky and light weight. Brazilian is the most popular origin and dealers went further to offer different origins such as Russian and Cambodian. If you really think about it, Most dealers are supplied by the hair factories located in #China because they have the technology to reproduce these ethnic textures by processing the human hairs received from donors or fabricating hairlike fibers into an intricate weaving system. Dealers can simply buy extensions with varying textures and label them as they please and automatically you would try to spot a difference among the extensions when they honestly were created from the same factory. With that being said, If you are shopping for hair extensions and want superb quality its best you focus on the grading system rather than trying to determine whether you should purchase Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian etc.

The grading system was created to quantify the quality of the hair and it can range from 5A - 10A; #10A being the best quality currently. As the years go by the grading system has increased as manufacturers seek to continuously improve the hair quality.When I First decided to purchase virgin hair the highest grade was 8A and they will continue to increase the grade system to remain competitive. There are a few factors that determine the grade of the extensions and i have listed them below:

Weight- Each bundle should weigh 3.5 oz or a 100 grams.

If you see bundles being sold extremely cheap, ensure that you are not buying a 50 gram bundle which is basically half the size.

Weft- The wefts can be single or double stitched; Double stitch weft can reduce shedding.

100% Human Hair- High grade extensions are 100% Human hair and should not have any synthetic blend that will restrict coloring and styling.

Color & Styling- All virgin hair can be coloured/ bleached and should not have any issues with styling straight or curled.

Cuticle Alignment- the hair cuticles (outermost part of the hair shaft) must be facing the same direction in order to reduce tangling.

These are 5 main factors that will determine the grade so when purchasing extensions be sure to identify the level your supplier offers.

Kure Kosmo offers grade 10A extensions that are made 100% human hair. I've created a luxe line of extensions that offers a range of textures that include Straight, Body Wave, Loose Wave, Deep Wave and Deep Curly. All textures can be dyed/ bleached with minimal shedding and tangling. The life span of our extensions can last years with proper care and there are a few tips that I've listed below that you will find useful when you have purchased your Kure Luxe Extensions or Wigs and also a few photos displaying the textures.

Professional Install

Kure Luxe Extensions are an investment. Choose a professional who will ensure your weave or wig is installed without damage.

Keep Kure Extensions Clean

Use a mild shampoo and deep condition with warm water to thoroughly move dirt build-up.

Stay Moisturized

Kure your extensions with lightweight maintenance products such as argan oil that will restore its lustre.

Air Dry

Excessive exposure to heat can ultimately lead to heat damage.

Gently Detangle

Use a wide tooth comb to gently detangle from hair tips to the hair weft.

Click the photos to be directed to the product page!

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For someone has always been interested and is yet to take the plunge, this post was very informative. Thanks for shining a light on this subject.

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