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TAPE-IN TALK; Everything you need to know

Time to tap into what's trending...the talk of the town has been Tape-in extensions! However Tape- ins are nothing new but as the world takes a complete spin, so does the hair trends of the past have a way of taking a 360!

What are Tape- Ins?

Tape- ins are hair extensions designed with medical- grade adhesive located at the weft of the extension. The sticky tabs are attached onto clean hair but not too close to the scalp in order to allow mobility of the extensions. They are cut into equal sizes and usually carry 40 pieces that would be equivalent to one bundle. It is recommended to purchase 80 pieces (2 bundles) to suffice the volume of a full head. Tape-ins are quick and easy to install as the two wefts of the extensions are used to enclose the client's hair. They are creating waves again due to the natural and versatile effect of the style.

Are they suitable for my hair texture?

This is a very important factor to consider when purchasing Tape-ins! Unlike the traditional sew-in that has minimal leave out, ALL of your hair will be exposed with tape-ins so it is essential that there is a close to perfect match with the extensions and your natural hair. In addition to the color, this will aid in the blend, maintenance and the overall natural finish of the install. They are sold in a range of type 1 to type 4 hair in a variety of shades. If you have afro/kinky hair, please be mindful that installing tape-ins that have been styled with a silk-press would require high maintenance and you should not over-expose your natural kinks to the possibility of heat damage. It is also recommended to dry the tape-ins with a blow dryer on the cool setting.

Are they durable/ re-useable?

These can last as long as a traditional sew in, usually eight to ten weeks. The adhesive on the weft is strong and must be removed carefully when its time to take down. Do not concentrate oils frequently at the base of the scalp because this might affect the bond of the extensions. So yes! If you like to oil your scalp…these may not be ideal for you. They can be reused up to 3 times before new tape can be applied which is sold separately to revive the bond of the adhesive on your tape-ins! That's why it is recommended to always invest in quality extensions that can last!

Can I wash my hair with Tape-in extensions?

Yes, you can wash your hair and go for a deep dive with your tape-ins, however be mindful that a quick dry shampoo can also be a substitute to help the longevity of your install.

How versatile are Tape-in extensions?

Tape-in Extensions that have been installed properly can be worn with a side part, middle part and impressively in a seamless ponytail. However, it is important that you naturally have sufficient volume to conceal the tape tracks.

Can Tape-ins damage my hair?

No, This adhesive method does not require any heat to install and the removal is as simple as the application. DO NOT REMOVE tape-ins without using a an adhesive remover or seeing a professional.

What are the Pros of Tape-in Extensions?

  • Painless and Quick Installation

  • Versatile

  • Natural finish

  • Adds volume, length or color

  • Lasting and durable

  • No damage to natural hair

  • Washable & Reusable

What are the cons of Tape-in Extensions?

  • Not suitable for dry scalp

  • Not recommended for frequent exposure to water/moisture

  • Not a protective style

  • Requires exact match in hair texture

  • Heightened exposure to heat damage to maintain silk press

Where can I purchase Tape-in Extensions?

Fortunately...if you have made it this far into this read, you don't have to go hunting for the suppliers of popular influencers such as Jayda Wayda or Ari Fletcher who have undeniably been responsible for the tape-in talk recently. Kure Luxe Tape-in Extensions are now available in 5 textures in lengths 18' -24"; Straight, Kinky Straight, Kinky Curly, Body Wave and Deep Curly!

No need to keep thinking about Tape-Ins....Its your time to TAP INTO THE TAPE-IN TALK!

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