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You can’t GROW what you didn’t SOW- The Rise of Kuroil

Growing up in Jamaica, I remember my yard having quite a few trees. There was an Ackee, a Coconut, Grapefruit, Guinep, Sweet Sop, Sour Sop, Pear and occasionally a Mango Tree when our neighbors procrastinated cutting the branches filled with the juiciest fruit that grew across the wall into our yard. People would walk pass in total admiration and savoring mouths eager to knock the gate to ask for a pick. They would commend how effortlessly fruitful our land was; only because they saw a plethora of fruit-filled trees but they didn’t see the early mornings my grandmother spent sitting on an old paint bucket weeding and planting with her bare hands. Now that I’ve grown up and I look back, I realize that all those fruit trees were a result of the arduous work of my granny. It’s crazy how we tend to admire the success of many but oblivious to the strenuous process to achieve it. We want the perfect body without the gym, perfect health without a balanced diet and perfect hair without Kuroil Hair Growth Formula...ooop! oh yes let's go there!

The Birth of Kuroil Hair Growth Formula


Its been 2 years since the birth of Kuroil Hair Growth Formula and despite the fact that I truly invested in an amazing product, I slept on its potential and felt that sales should come pouring because it clearly worked for me and should also work for you. I sowed a very potent seed but initially neglected to nurture its growth! It was 6 months after the launch in 2019 with a few promising reviews, my eyes were truly opened to the true potential of this product. I began to set monthly targets, conceptualize promotions to boost sales, follow up with customers to submit their results and truly practiced what I preached showcasing my own Kuroil journey. My passion for this product was bubbling before I even made the first payment so I had no reservations to continue sowing to improve every aspect of this seed and the more reviews I received, the more motivated I became. Kuroil Hair Growth Formula sold out 4 months later after this epiphany.

The Makeover of Kuroil Hair Growth Formula


I then decided to revamp the entire packaging to not only elevate the appearance but to protect the product during transit. This eradicated the tedious bubble wrap process which saved a lot of time to package and ship.The new and improved Kuroil Hair Growth Formula graced the market in January 2020. This new image was even more motivation to continue nuturing its potential. What took 10 months to achieve in 2019...took only 2 months in 2020. I was completely sold out in exactly two months!!! How could this be? I went from begging for a sale to customers begging for a restock! As the orders grew...the brand expanded exponentially. I decided to sow again and in order to reap my biggest harvest. I created an entire hair collection of products! Throughout the span of 2020, we added the Kuroam Kit which consisted of the Kuroam Detangler Brush, Kuroam Continuous Spray Bottle and the Kuroam Styling Hair Foam; initially marketed as the perfect solution to maintain curly tresses however each product proved that it is muti-purpose for both natural hair and extensions! OKKKKUUUR the growth didn't cease there honey!

Another best seller is the Kure Kontrol Organic Edge Tamer that sold out immediately after the launch! By this time I believe I had earned the trust of the Kurettes to deliver excellent products so there was no hesitation to support this new venture!

Click the image to shop "Kure Kontrol"


The growing demand of Kuroil eventually guaranteed daily sales without any promotion! We now have retailers located in Jamaica (Instagram- @shopchalison and @ariahsglowstore and Canada @_khaddiboo), they have been efficiently providing the Kure Kollection and eliminating the shipping cost & providing immediate access to local kurettes.

our first big shipment

Our Largest Kuroil Restock

We recently invested in our largest restock of our best seller Kuroil Hair Growth Formula, in two years we managed to double the amount that we originally ordered. Now we have twice the amount we've ever had to support the growing demand. Of course with all the goodies in the Kure Kollection, there is the Kure tote to carry your collection anywhere you please! You're gonna need this bag because the higher the sales is the more our collection grows to suit your every need.

Our largest seed to date is the **** Shampoo and Conditioner project that is currently in progress. We are excited about this new venture and aim to exceed your expectations as always!

Why did I take you through this growth journey? simply because I wanted to show that even with sowing into an amazing product, I had to reap by improving and promoting Kuroil in order to harvest sales! You can also sow the seeds for whatever you want to reap in this life! But..It still doesn't end there; it was important to keep sowing into my business to guarantee a yearly harvest as how it will be important for you to keep working towards your harvest. I envision this year to be our most successful and I can only actualize this dream with the support of my Kurettes! Many have witnessed the growth in this journey and I want to also witness the growth in your very own journey!

If you wish to start your Kuroil Journey, Click and Follow our Rapid Growth check list.

I am looking forward to your season of harvest, its time to SOW in order to GROW!

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