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Rapid Regrowth Remedy- Kuroil

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

There is a universal misconception that women...especially 'Black Women' wear extensions because we are ashamed of our natural coils or we are “bald-headed” ; This is far from the root of the truth. Wigs, Weaves and Braids are simply a matter of convenience for most. The unfortunate reality is that women of African descent do not have the leisure of easily styling their hair with a 'wash and go' or a quick pin up. Our thick and tight coils make it extremely difficult and also painful to manage. However, over the years companies have re-focused their efforts to create hair products that will alleviate the stresses of the natural hair struggle. Kure Kosmo aspires to be a part of that movement that promotes the health and growth of our natural hair; hence the first product from our Kure Kollection is the Kuroil Hair Growth Formula.

The idea of Kuroil Hair Growth Formula was incited by my client’s dire need to grow their natural hair while they endured the tedious transition from processed hair to natural. By the way, Kuroil is also perfect for relaxed hair but must be used lightly. I personally did a big chop over 3 years ago and I have been consistently wearing Kure Luxe Wigs. I must be honest that I didn't care much in the beginning and left my hair parched for days and even weeks under my wigs. The second year I made more effort as I realized the importance of consistently moisturizing my scalp. I was using the Wild Growth Oil which did give me good results. In May 2018, I decided to become a test subject after much research. After habitually using the Kuroil tester; by August 2018 I experienced the most shocking reveal since I went natural. There was an incredible difference with my hair growth and it was then I realized that I had discovered the Formula!

The Kuroil Hair Growth Formula is a perfect blend of natural oils. The ingredients include Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Rosemary Oil, Jojaba Oil, Peppermint Oil, Ginger Oil, Vitamin E Oil and Grapeseed Oil. All these are rich in vitamins and minerals that are essential to protecting the hair from breakage, nourishing the hair follicles, promoting growth and thickness and moisturizing the scalp to combat dandruff. The oil is also effective on other areas such as beards and eyebrows. 

The remedy for rapid hair growth is quite simple. Let me share my top secret... the secret ingredient for hair growth is REST. If you want to see maximum results in a short period its best to administer the oil wearing a protective style. Personally I would have cornrows beneath my wigs and can easily apply the product with the oil dropper along my scalp. I would consistently oil my scalp at least 3 times per week; call me nasty but my hair is real hard to manage and I'll keep it in cornrowed for an average of two months. Otherwise from the fact that I have no issues with itchy, dry or a sweaty scalp; I love the shocking reveal every time I release my afro. I know everyone wont be able to keep their hair as long as I do but that's exactly what worked for me with the assistance of the Kuroil Hair Growth Formula.

The instructions are quite simple and if you follow them you'll see results. Check out the directions below:

1. Take a picture to track your Kuroil Journey

2. Choose a protective style (Wigs, Crotchet Braids, Faux Locks) - this is optional

3. Apply Kuroil directly to scalp at least 3-4 times weekly

4. Administer the oil in the mornings

5. Keep protective style for at least 1-2 months

6. Update your hair progress

I am extremely excited to see this vision become and reality and I hope the Kuroil Hair Growth Formula along with my recommended remedy can help you as much as it helped me. I look forward to your support as we build Kure Kosmo into one of the leading hair brands!

GET KURED! Shop Kuroil Hair Growth Formula Today!

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