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Kuress Conditioner focuses deeply into the core of your hair, leaving it extremely soft and moisturized.

Kuress Conditioner

  • water, cetly stearyl alcohol, ammonia side polydimethylsiloxane, cetrimonium chloride ammonium, 13 alkanol polyether-12, polydimethylsiloxane, polydimethylsiloxane alchol, stearic trimethyl ammonium chloride, glycerin, jojoba (SIMMONDSIA CHINENSIS) seed oil, tocopherol (vitamin E), fruit batter (BUTYROSPERMUM PARK II) fruit fat, panthenol, PEG-100, glycerol stearate, essence and hydroxyl methyl benzene, methyl chloride different thiazole moiety ketone, methyl isopropyl thiazole moiety ketone, magnesium nitrate, magnesium chloride, citric acid.

Important Notice
The processing time for wigs is two weeks to be constructed, customized and shipped.

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