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Kure Bond Melting Spray is the perfect daily solution to to keep your kure luxe unit in position. The active spray is strong enough to last all day however can be easily removed at any time. It is fast drying, no residue, durable and water/sweat resistant.

Kure Bond Melting Spray

SKU: 50
  • 1. Slick your edges back and position the lace onto your forehead before applying the product.

    2. Spray an appropriate amount 2 inches away from the hairline onto your skin.

    3. Allow to air dry until tacky, repeat the process 2 times for a stronger hold.

    4. Postion the lace onto your SKIN where the product was applied.

    5. Blow/Air dry until the lace edges feel tacky

    6. Press the lace edges onto your skin with tip of a tail comb.

    7. Tie a melt band/ scarf for a least 10 mins to fasten/melt the lace.

Important Notice
The processing time for wigs is two weeks to be constructed, customized and shipped.

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