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My First Wig

"What Language are you speaking?!? Closures? Frontals? Lace Color?... I really have no clue what you're talking about " *inserts frustrated emoji". Have you ever felt like this? Well, The world of wigs can be very confusing and the biggest dilemma is choosing the right wig to make your first experience pleasant. The flood of styles and options seen on our timeline daily does not help to make the decision easier. However, there are a few things you should consider when purchasing your first wig and it will help you with making the perfect selection. These are Wig Type, Texture, Length, Cap Size and Lace Color.

Wig Type

Ladies there are four main types of wigs; Lace Closure, Lace Frontal, 360 Frontal and Full Lace Wigs. In almost every aspect of life, a master was once a beginner, therefore the type of wig that is suitable for wig newbies is the Lace Closure Wig. The Lace Closure Wig has the ability to appear natural like all the other wig types but it is quite basic and beginner friendly. The Kure-Made Lace Closure Wigs are constructed with a 4*4 lace, which simply means it is 4 inches long and 4 inches wide that covers from temple to temple. This wig allows you to achieve both a center or side part and it makes your mornings a lot easier with a quick pull and go when the part is already defined with your customized wig. The Lace Closure is definitely the option for beginners.

Deep Curly Lace Closure

Click photo for website link
Kure- Made Deep Curly Lace Closure Wig

The Lace Frontal however requires a little more maintenance and care, even though it gives versatility by being able to part anywhere across the hairline or the sleek back effect for a pony tail, the lace frontal covers from ear to ear and is usually measured at 13*4 inches and also 13*6 inches. The 360 Frontal and Full lace Wig is for the advanced who would like to manipulate styles such as the high ponytail. The 360 Frontal and Full Lace gives coverage for the entire circumference of the hairline. The difference is the Full Lace is made entirely with lace and the volume is dependent on the density percentage (130%,150%,180% and up). The 360 Frontal Wig, you have the liberty to choose the amount of bundles that can comfortably fit in the mid section. With all being said, the Lace Closure Wig is the creeping option before you walk into frontals and run into 360's.

Loose Wave Lace Frontal

Loose Wave Lace Frontal Wig (Click Photo for link)

Deep Curly 360 Lace Frontal

Full Lace Wig


Most companies have tried to differentiate themselves by assigning exotic names to enhance appeal. You will see unique names such as Hawaiian Waves or Egyptian Straight however the 5 standard choices you have is Straight, Body Wave, Deep Curly, Deep Wave and Loose Wave. As a beginner, its best to choose a texture that is low maintenance. If you're not the most skilled with styling tools, the best option is Straight, a quick run through with the flat iron does not require much expertise. If you can help yourself with a curling iron or rods then you can opt for the Body Wave and rock bouncy curls, this is the most popular option because it can also be styled straight or with a wand for tighter curls.

Lace Closure Straight Wig (Click Photo for link)

Lace Closure Body wave Wig (Click Photo for Link)

If the "wet and go" lifestyle is your preference then you have options such as Loose Wave, Deep Wave or Deep Curly. Bare in mind, the tighter the curl the more attention it may require. Therefore as a beginner who would like to rock a curly pattern Loose/Deep Wave would have been the easiest option for low maintenance.

Deep Wave Lace Closure Wig (Click photo for link)


The Length you choose should be according to what you are comfortable with, most wig newbies like to start moderate and select lengths between 10"-14", at this length it is deemed to be natural and appropriate for all occasions whether you're working in the corporate world during the week and painting the town red on weekends. If you wish to increase the flash effect *hair whip* lol, lengths between 16"-20" are playful and manageable. Over 20" you're surely in Diva Mode! check out this length chart and see whats your comfort length.

Length Chart

Cap Size

The Cap Size is extremely important to ensure the perfect fit for your first wig, that's why I have included a detailed Cap Measurement Guide along with a Video tutorial on how to measure your head. The Circumference of your head is the most critical measurement that can range from 21" -24", 21" is Small, 22" which is the average or most popular selection is Medium and 23" -24" would be Large. There are other measurement requirements that are necessary for your first wig and you can the view the details by clicking the photo link below.

Cap Mesurement Guide (Click Photo for link)

Lace Color

The Lace Color is a critical aspect to the finishing look of your wig. Over the years I've learnt to understand the importance how the lace color can affect the natural appeal of the hairline. Therefore, there are three options Transparent, Tan and Dark Brown and you should select the tone that is closest to your complexion. The Transparent is the popular choice because it usually adapts to the tone of your skin or can be manipulated with your makeup shade or tinted to your desire.

My First Wig (5 years old)


For My First Wig

Wig Type: Lace Closure

Texture: Straight/Body Wave

Length: 10"-14'

Cap Size: Medium {Popular choice but PLEASE check measurements to be accurate}

Lace Color: Transparent

I hope this helped you to understand all you need to know when purchasing your first wig! Drop a comment below if you have any questions or just tap the like button if I answered all your queries.



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