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CURE in KUROIL- Year in Review

WOW! It's been a year since the official launch of Kuroil Hair Growth Formula and I am amazed at how time has gone by quickly as how my clients have been amazed at how their hair has grown rapidly. The past year has truly been a success! Even though in the beginning stages , sales were rather slow as I worked actively to convince the masses that Kuroil was worth a try. I only saw a massive improvement in my sales when I decided to set monthly targets. Each month I would raise the target, I went from 50...100...200 until I aimed to be SOLD OUT! By setting a goal each month, I had to be more active in my promotions, a major part of that was to convince my clients to send their progress photos #kuroiljourney.

March 2019- March 2020

Keddykure- Developer of Kuroil Hair Growth Formula

As they would say "The proof is in the pudding". It was so important that I was able to prove to my potential Kurettes that Kuroil worked for me and it can also work for you! The progress photos showcased a wide range of clients with different hair textures and lengths who were thrilled with their amazing results. The most frequently asked question was "Can the oil work for relaxed hair"? ...the answer is YES! It worked for #natural, #relaxed and even for #women from different #ethnicities. Kuroil was also used for #men and #children and the results were truly impressive...take a look!

The length check is the best way to test how well your #kuroiljourney is progressing and don't forget...

Consistency is key!

Receding hairline is a common problem for women and men. While some people may suffer from severe alopecia; It doesn't hurt to try Kuroil Hair Growth Formula... it may rejuvenate your hair follicles and stimulate regrowth.

Volume is just as important as length! No one likes thin hair...

Its usual to have length but lack volume...Kuroil is the answer.

Chemically processed hair is NOT excluded; Kuroil is for everyone.

All ethnicities are welcomed, these results are after ONE bottle.

We didn't forget the kids, while some parents may be impatient for their infant's hair to fill in; give it time to blossom. You can then incorporate Kuroil if hair growth is stagnant after a year.

Kuroil has been a savior to the struggling beard gang; it's truly an all purpose growth oil.

The widespread growth and excellent performance of Kuroil inspired a revamp in the packaging. We upgraded from the frail box that had to be bubble wrapped for protection during shipping to a sturdy and attractive paper tube that eliminated the need to bubble wrap and served as a perfect holder for the oil at home or even when traveling.



Kuroil is surely classified as a hot commodity! Initially our first batch took 9 months to be sold out. Our last batch that restocked at the end of January, with the same amount as the first, sold out in 2 months!

Kuroil orders packaged to be shipped after its restock was highly anticipated.

We understand that a large number of our supporters are based in Jamaica and many persons are still unable to shop online hence we now have a local distributor, @shop.chalison. This concierge has made a bridge to supply Kuroil and other products from the Kure Kollection in Jamaica as she takes the monthly orders and eliminates the hassle by offering delivery island wide.

Customer receiving Kuroil courtesy of @shop.chalison.

As we anticipate our next batch, we have prepared for the demand with an increase in the supply. PREORDER IS NOW AVAILABLE! Secure your oil and experience the "CURE in KUROIL"!

Click below to SHOP!

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