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How did I get "HAIR"?

Life has a funny way of showing you what you are destined to be at a tender age, however at the age of 8, my obsession with creating long flowing hair from any piece of garment didn’t allude that I would become a Hair Stylist. My grandmother’s church slip, my mother’s fitted sheet or my bath towel was always good enough to create my sweeping mane. In high school, I willingly used my lunch time or a period after school to corn row my fellow classmate’s hair. Looking back, I’m wondering why the hell didn’t I charge them at least $100 JMD!? That could have been pocket change to easily purchase two beef patties and a soda! Sorry to say it can’t even buy a beef patty now.

Despite my innate skill for hair styling, becoming a hair stylist was the furthest idea from my mind. I channeled my attention to Media and Communications and Marketing as I found a natural love for television production via my various commercial gigs. However, At the age of 23, working underpaid at a reputable bank, providing for my four-year-old son and juggling school after work and dancing after school. I was worn out and broke! This was easily the lowest point in my life to date and I needed to think of an escape immediately. A very close co-worker, Claudine Campbell-Bryan, would always engage in beauty chats with me and inquire about my hair which I was installing and styling myself at the time. I relayed my desperate need for financial freedom and she suggested offering sew in services as I did mine so well. I was in such dire need for additional income, I offered a mobile home service starting as low as $1,500 JMD. I advertised using my own photos on my blackberry messenger display until I started accumulating client photos.

I was so nervous doing her hair but nothing tried...nothing done! #naturalsewin

I realized there was a budding trend in wigs and I decided to expand my services to offer custom-made wigs. This was the first wig i ever made! #customwigs The presentation was surely a joke lol My mannequin appeared as if it went through some severe struggles; it really did with the kids at my home.

So, I became even wearier, as now my days were exhausted with work, school, mommy duties and now clients at sometimes 9pm – 12am and on weekends. The stresses at work became more overbearing and for the first time in my life I decided to quit, I simply gave up on this job that was killing me as a person. I could not recognize myself anymore! I started as a brilliant and proactive employee to a dull and lethargic space maker. I didn’t care anymore because I saw no opportunity for growth as I was being stifled for almost 3 years. Upon leaving the bank, I decided to brand my “side hustle” to create an image that was much more than hair styling. I created a name, made a Facebook page and started to promote on Instagram which generated a lot of feedback. Kure Kosmo became my brand!

A brand that started within the four walls of my room as my family would frown at the client passing through the house, a brand that survived through the ridicule of working on clients on an open veranda, a brand that suffered the discomfort as the kids hopped around as I tried to accommodate clients in the living room, not to mention a brand that suffered the losses traveling to various homes to avoid the discomfort working at my own crowded home. Strangely, after three years as soon as my brand found a secluded place of comfort, I felt the desire to expand it into something much greater than hair services in a home studio.

I worked assiduously to perfect the trendy styles! The Lace Frontal Sew In #lacefrontal

I also invested myself to explore new techniques and everyone began to gravitate towards the Microbead Sew In!

ooooooooo Honey! Look at my wig display now lol! I not only improved my wig-making skills but also took pride in every single aspect of my brand!

As we grow further into the digital age, I saw a great need to channel my efforts into social media marketing and finally put my Marketing degree to use. I sourced a reputable and consistent supplier after years of research and now I WILL differentiate my brand with my unique style in an already saturated pool of hair dealers. I’ve created this website to offer luxe virgin hair extensions, ready-made and hand-crafted wigs because I believe every woman should experience the convenience that a unit brings and the versatility to look and feel different when our best accessory (our hair) can be so easily manipulated. In addition, there will be upcoming product releases and “Kure Kourses” which is an online series of coaching sessions; soon to be available for purchase to all stylists seeking to improve their wig-making craft. .

Kure Kosmo has come a far way and the best is yet to come. Many of us make life changing decisions fueled by the worst struggles in our lives! Creating Kure Kosmo was a life changing decision that keeps pushing me to live a life more abundantly! Comment and Feel free to share your struggle that turned into success, lets inspire a weary warrior today!

Thanks for reading!


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Well said and on point. We all need to apply that concept to all area of our lives. You have come a far way... And I'm very impressed and proud of what you have accomplished so far. There is much more in-store for you and it's waiting on you just to grasp a hold of it! Keep pressing on with faith, patience, perseverance.... to receive perfection!!👑 I'm so ready to get kured again in a couple weeks!


Hey liltrich18! I'm not sure why I'm just realizing that my comment wasn't posted, nevertheless, thank you for taking the time out to share your admiration. I truly appreciate it and its very encouraging to keep on pushing to make my dreams a reality when I find it hard to stay motivated somtimes. Thanks again and stay blessed <3


Such an inspiration . You are such a humble individual and I admire you and your work. I've watched you grow for years and I can honestly say I am proud of you. Called a couple times to schedule an appointment but you were always booked . I do hope that if and when you come back JA I get a chance to be Kured. Continue to stay true to yourself - Love Always

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