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  1. When will I receive my Kure-made unit?

All custom units are designed and shipped within a 2 week period. Kure custom units are made to your specifications and to ensure ultimate satisfaction; rush orders are not permitted. Please note this time frame takes into consideration; processing orders in which they are received, constructing and shipping.

2. When will I receive my Kure Luxe Extensions or Kure Luxe unit (ready-made)?

All Kure Luxe Extensions and Ready-made units have a 3 day processing period, then will be shipped immediately. Overnight-shipping can be accommodated upon request.

3. Can I wash or apply heat to my wig or extensions?


Yes! Kure Luxe Extensions and Wigs are made with raw virgin hair. It can be maintained like your real hair using mild shampoos and light-weight oils.


4. How do I secure my Kure Wig?


Kure-made wigs are designed according to your exact measurements which enables a secure fit. An elastic band is used that allows the lace to lay extremely flat. The wigs are glueless, therefore it does not require adhesive to appear natural. However, for additional security the wigs can be sewn or glued for your preference.


5. How should I wear my hair under the wig?


Its best to cornrow your hair extremely flat straight back, ensuring that there is a part on your natural hair exactly where you would part on the closure. However, if you have relaxed extremely long hair; it’s best to comb back into two pony-tails and secure the ends. If your hair is too short for cornrows or bald, please notify to ensure your unit fits you accurately.


6.How long do the units last?


The unit can last over a year/years with proper care. The better you take care of your wigs and extensions; the longer they will last. This entails reduce sleeping in units, gently handle when combing/washing and less exposure to heat.


7. Do the units have customized hairlines?

Yes, all frontal units include a customized hairline.


8. How do I choose my lace colour?


The lace colour is offered in 3 different shades; Transparent, Light Brown and Dark Bown. The Transparent lace is beneficial because it can be adjusted to your complexion using your make up powder.


9. Do I need a wig cap?


A wig cap is recommended to protect your natural hair and allow the wig to sit properly.


10. How do I measure my cap size correctly?


Please watch the link below and follow the instructions carefully.

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