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Kure Kosmo by Kedisha Mclaughlin

There was always a natural love for hair from a tender age. I grew from wearing towels, sheets and slips on my head as a child to synthetic extensions as a young adult and now I aim to provide an exclusive line of Kure Luxe Extensions to suit your aesthetic needs.

Entering the Hair Industry was truly by chance; I specialized in weaving services for 5 years and also developed my skills in wig making for the past 4 years; honing my craft with many trials and errors.

Kure Kosmo is my brand that I initially created with a play on the word cure. Most women can agree that a new hairstyle with amazing quality extensions can make one feel invincible.. It is my aim to spread the Kure on an international platform to provide guaranteed satisfaction in hand-crafted, ready-made wigs and premium extensions. This site will also engage with tutorials and weekly blog submissions.

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