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Pony 'Tales'- JA Carnival 2018

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

It’s safe to say that the Ladies really “cooooome out” for Jamaica Carnival 2018! I’ve watched the staging each year and although it seemed that Bacchanal Jamaica had lost its flame a couple years ago with scanty streets and basic costumes; the birth of new bands such as Xodus and Xaymaca has fueled the competition and boosted Jamaica Carnival to greater heights. Ooooohhh yesss! The bodies were perfectly sculpted as if they’ve been hitting the gym all their lives, the costumes were gorgeous as each band worked assiduously to win the hearts and loyalty of the revelers and most ladies opted for sleek variations of the pony tail to complete their final look! Check out these Ten Pony Tail Hairstyles that rocked the road this year!


Tanaania opted to rock a high pony with long, loose and luscious curls laid to the side to complete this gorgeously green outfit! This style is perfect to showcase the impeccable details of the neck and head piece!

Band: Xaymaca

Costume: Emerald Lush by The Network Jamaica


Ronique has been crowned Jamaica Carnival's Nudian Princess with the perfect blend of nude shades. She rocked a sleek straight high pony slayed to the side. This style truly enhanced the beauty of this costume and embodied the perfect example of the Straight High Pony tail.

Band: Xaymaca

Costume: Stardust Angel


Jeneque always stands out from the crowd with her graceful smile and perfect poise, however she went beyond the boundaries and paved the way by selecting this unique piece. She chose to rock a side part neatly tucked into a Low Braided Pony Tail flowing right along the hips.

Band: Xaymaca

Costume: Denim Diamond


Kasi Bennett is adored for her clean and classic looks; this Jamaica Carnival 2018 costume can be added to the books with this pure white attire. Kasi opted to swoop her curly mane into a High Pony Bun and showcased the exquisite details of her head, neck and shoulder embellishments.

Band: Xaymaca

Costume: Individual Design

Photo credit: Skkan Media Entertainment


This color combination, perfectly toned body topped with a daring Textured Pony Tail represent a true Royal Empress. Petite-Sue went against the norm and wrapped a maze of afro-kinky hair flowing to the side; the waist length pony tail stood out as much as the rest of her costume and she's definitely a gorgeous sight to rock it so well.

Band: Xaymaca

Costume: Indulgence


Megan is the face and body that sparked sales for the highly requested Emerald Lush Costume, however she graced the Kingston streets in this skimpily suited attire that perfectly hugged her flawless 'Wonder Woman' frame. Megan completed her look with a mini top knot bun with messy curls flowing to the back.

Band: Xaymaca

Costume: Red Beryl

Photo credit: @tiffanymigaphotography


Turquoise, Lime Green and a hint of Purple was enough to fairly create this magical Feather Fairy. Lecia's light feathers with a heavily decorated tan body suit was completed with a Faux Locs High Pony Bun. She surely represented effortlessly for the sleek variations of pony tails for Jamaica Carnival 2018.

Band: Bacchanal Jamaica

Costume: French Men Party


Bonnie Lee is the true definition of Golden Girl! She always delivers every year with her elaborate feather work, intricate jewelry decor and unique suit design. This year she rocked a High Messy Bun with a gorgeous golden crown.

Band: Xodus

Costume: Unleashed Jamaica (Queen of the Band)


Sometimes less is truly more! Shanice showcased that this simply chic shoulder piece is the only decor she needed as the feathers daintily framed her face. She sported a top Fountain Pony Tail that met the waves transcending from the back and side while she bodied this two piece design.

Band: Xaymaca

Costume: St. Tropez


What a smile?! it illuminated the streets as the morning sunrise. Kadeem Baker is the Sunrise Queen with this vibrant orange that accentuated her glowing skin. She slicked her hair into a Half Pin Up Pony Tail that allowed a clear view of her amazing head piece and a flood of waves running along her back.

Band: Xaymaca

Costume: Luxor Front Line

Jamaica Carnival 2018 was truly a success! The support was massive and the ladies obviously prepared in advance for the annual event. It was truly a pleasure to view the ladies with their festive make up, gorgeous costumes and neatly done hairstyles. I can also declare that pony tails were the hit this year! I'm just sorry I wasn't able to post them all.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment, like and share!

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